Tuesday, March 4, 2014

this funny little bee...

whenever i tell people stories of blake, its usually about what a handful or brat he is! and now that my mother-in-law is visiting, my friends are starting to complain that they hardly see blake anymore!!

sorry kiddo, mama needs her own fun!!

the other day, he was taking a nap at my mum's place. snuggled in his jammies and tucked in like we live in the northpole or something (don't ask. my mum has her rules at her home!) i was fiddling on my phone when i dozed off. and when i did, my phone fell from my bed to hit blake snoozing on the floor, right smack ON HIS HEAD! 

major major mummy fail. 

the "thud" was so loud, it woke me up. and i lay there waiting for a howl. but he opened his eyes and said "HEY!!!" to me accusingly. to which i sheepishly responded "sorry, babe." and to my utmost surprise, he shut his eyes and went back to sleep while saying "otayyyyy (ok.)" 

oh bubba, you're the funniest little guy! 



  1. Replies
    1. its hilarious when they start talking! :) its amazing how many conversations make sense with blake even though he only knows a handful of random words! :)

  2. thats why he sucha cutie.
    man, he'll cringe when he sees himself in the bee bathing suit when he grows up. but it is too cute!!!! hahaha


    1. hahah he won't! :) i reckon he would embrace it like all those cool korean kiddos! :)

  3. Haha, that's so cute!! (Gosh, I wanna pinch his cheeks!)

    1. hahaha pinch away! :) im deathly afraid he'll loose his cheeks like how he lost his awesome mohawk!!

      whats the point of having a son if he doesn't have a mohawk or pinchable cheeks!!!!

  4. Replies
    1. i know!! :) id totally be in trouble if he did!!!

  5. Oh man. This entry made me LOL! Blake's too cool and I love his 'otaaaay'.


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