Monday, March 10, 2014

just a bit more blake-ism...

now that bubsie is starting to talk, we occasionally hear little funny words coming from his mouth. 
he picks up the funniest things from us. like how d gave our friend's daughter a silly nickname "alana-banana"...such a mouthful but blake says it with gusto!! 

but i must say, im really starting to enjoy his company. he is much more than my arm-candy that follows me everywhere i go. he tells me stories and points out the silliest things while we're on the go. and when we get home, he will summarise what he saw or enjoyed on the trip. 
god forbid.. he notices a bird or a truck on his walks. he will repeat it till he konks out at night. 

boy! he's a little chatterbox! 

just the other day, dad was giving us a ride home. and as we pulled up at our lobby, i excitedly asked him "bubba! where are we?". he looked out of the window, turned at me in all seriousness and said 
"CAR." in the most deadpan voice. lol

AND.. on sunday, we'd just parked our car in the basement, catching a lift up to church. and since it was a new word he picked up, i stooped down to his stroller and asked, "baby... where are we going?" he looked around and answer... "UP!" 

*major roll eye* 


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  1. such a joy to have! too cute!! i need to meet this little guy before he grows up!! hope to bump into you guys somewhere. (sorry if i sound stalker-ish)



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