Monday, March 31, 2014

a crafty week ahead...

such a cute little idea to work on for a vehicle crazed little boy (isn't even boy one?). 

we recently started art class with a lovely british lady near home. its 45 mins of song and activities once a week that includes a short little painting activity. its such fun for the kiddos to swish around their sponge paintbrushes and mess around with the colors. 

and im very proud to announce that my dear little munchkin, under the kind influence of yours truly, is a HUGE fan of glitter and sequins! the minute the sequin pot appears, he sinks his grubby fingers in and piles 'em on! and the glitter goes on everything single thing. bug-eyed elephants, cars, valentines day cards... EVERYTHING!

more is MORE, yo! :) 



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