Sunday, February 9, 2014

our favorite playgym in town!

when you have a silly crazy kiddo like we do, you'd understand why playgyms are more important than sliced bread! and we're so lucky to have the perfect playgym near home!

we first discovered this playgym back when booboo was 6 months old. a tad bit young by regular standards but he LOVED sinking his fingers into the ball pen and watching all the other kids zip around!! so we started taking him there lots!

and now, he is EVERYWHERE! he zips around the obstacles like a little money. i kinda like that this gym grew with him!

located next to the information counter in forum shopping mall, its one of the simplest playgyms in town. it doesn't have elaborate multi-level climby things, just a simple playset with a slide, a little hut filled with tactile playboards and a little gymnastic looking beams set up that you can jiggle around to teach them balance or forward rolls! i find that that's all we need. while the other fancy bouncy things are super fun, blake behaves a little ADD when he has a few too many blinky light, neon colored options!!

heh! the look of concentration on his face!

more than anything, its a place that blakie meets his little friends in the day and parents mill around to chat! i always look forward to gym time to catch up with my girlfriends. and its true that you make the best friends at the playground! (big hugs to you, korkor M!)

you know how certain gyms are super fussy about additional adults coming along? this one is not! as long as you pay for your kid, your whole kampung (team) can come along. most of the time, its not a problem. but on the upside, grandparents, childminders, plus ones can come in and chat for a bit without having to pay extra! we do a little tag team act if one of us needs to bolt off to the supermarket!

one thing i don't love about this gym is its lack of supervision, i.e. no staff to monitor fights and breach of food rules and they don't take temperatures at the door. but frankly, isn't that the responsibility of parents? so we practice common sense and not bring blakie there when he is germy or when the crowd gets rowdy, i move him to a quieter section or bring him for a walk instead.

and wanna know how much you pay for this playgym? it will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!! 15 dollars for a yearly membership! that's right! so if you bring your card along, you can gain entry anyday you like! thing to note is their opening hours as they share their premises with a kindy in the mall and scheduled cleaning each day!  



  1. wow what a great pricing man! the next time we can have coffee near yr place and bring B there! ive never been to a play gym before (still a kid at heart! :p)


  2. Can I take you there for a date when I'm next back, Blakie? :)

  3. Gosh, I love that playgym! :D Lucky B.

  4. Looks like fun... can't wait for playdates! thats if B would like to play with my bb boy...


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