Monday, February 17, 2014

in bali :: the W

so this is a sad story that turned out not too bad.. 

so we planned to chuck blake at cubby house kids club. after reading the reviews online, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to let him hangout with some other kiddos of his own age for two hours, and we can duck out for a quick spa fix or lunch. but the only catch was, it took children from ages 2 till 12! 

so guess what the parents of the year did? we brought him there. and told them blake was already 2. i mean, he was SO excited to go in, we always hear people tell us he looks way older than his age and the place looked well-staffed to deal with him if he had a tanty. right?? so we blatantly lied about his age!! such dodgey parents!!! anyway, long story short, they needed a passport for emergency reasons and so we shadily said we'd take him for lunch and never returned!

sorry kiddo! 

but when you turn two, we promise to take you back and abandon you there!! :) 

so we wandered down the street and found ourselves at the W!! 

and had really yummy food by the poolside at starfish bloo. when they brought out a babychair for the boo, the exact same cheapass ikea highchair we own at home, we heaved a sigh of relief. seriously how hard is it to own a $25 highchair right!? and we had the most peaceful meal ever!! 

while we feasted on this little baby... 

our little one had the fanciest DIY grill cod with steamed rice and slurpy ramen. the space and the breeziness was perfect for our family. when he was done with dinner, he explored the space on his own while we kicked back and enjoyed our drinks! panned out much better than we'd expected!!

highlight of blake's day.. the golf buggy ride!

he is so obsessed with it he wants to climb into every single one we see these days! which reminds me! we did get a drama medical emergency on our way to bali, all thanks to blakie! but on the upside, we scored another ride in a golf-buggy turned into airport ambulance right to our gate. way too much excitement at 8am... *sigh*

we loved it so much we came back (and ate the same thing) on our very last day in bali! :) 

this time, we even had time to take a ride in the coolest ride in the lobby of W!! blake made fake "vrooom" sounds while riding it! hilarious! 



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