Friday, February 14, 2014

happy valentine's day...

i have a love-hate relationship with valentine's day! i love any occasion to celebrate. and even though everyday does feel like valentine's day, i welcome any excuse for a nice date or some romantic *cough*that pretty sapphire ring*cough* gesture. 


seriously hate seeing flowers butchered into ugly faux fabric plasticky wrapping. or teeny tiny roses that were cut too early so they can "make the cut" for the valentine's day rush! (what a shame!) hate seeing heart shaped pink everything (even i love hearts and love pink!) because it reminds me of the consumerism of the occasion. hate that one this one day, everyone HAS to pick one person to celebrate, leaving some other people feeling left out. i could go on... 

complete first world problems, i know..

but if i had to pick anyone to spend today with, it would definitely be this guy!

he who spends his only day off, slaving over the hot stove to make us homemade pizza...
(and his fabulous homemade bubble solution!)

... who always has the best decorative solutions to my weird-ass wall art that HAS to change every few weeks! if you have any aerial hanging problems, drop me an email!! 

... who loves our babies more than anything in the world. 

i love you in so many ways, honey! you're fabulous just the way you are!!

p.s. i just spend one whole blog post sharing half naked pictures of my husband making pizza! but spared you 24787 photos of us cheering at the dough that rose. and then a few more of that very same dough exploding in our fridge!! never a dull day in our household!



  1. happy valentine's babe... that looks like an awesome pizza... and so sweet how muu is just looking on...

  2. I LOOOOVE this post! Exact sentiments :)
    And damn that pizza... I want to come over
    And I LOVE that poster.
    And please tell D, that sapphire ring is a requirement for the next wedding anniversary - say Andrea says so ;) But maybe, after I get invited over for his pizza. hehehehehe

    1. hahah! :) big hugs!

      p.s. its a tea towel not a poster! i need to iron it properly though!!


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