Monday, January 20, 2014

why we love australia ...

you know how after a trip, you'll sit down, look at your pictures/the very little pennies in your pocket and reflect on the trip? how much you loved it, the choice of airlines, the city, the highlights...
(and for weirdos like us, would we ever move there to stay..)

 right smack in the middle of our trip, we came to an agreement that we'd be definitely spending more time in australia. it was such an easy decision on my part and here are the reasons why!

one - the glorious parks, pools and nature that surrounds. just an easy ride would take you to a completely different surrounding whatever tickles your fancy.. the beach, a lot of greens, the mountains, massive malls...  oh and did i say parks? they are amazing!! 

endless fun for blake while we kick back and enjoy the sun and breeze. we loved how kiddy friendly parks are! we never ran out of play ideas!

two - the food. is always amazing. in our world, brunch ranks right up there and we never ran out of options. there was something for every occasion! and the fresh produce is simply amazing. we were happy to feed blake everything fresh and he ate so heartily it made us sooooo happy!

three - the people are so chilled out. especially when it came to children, we never felt like we had to apologise for blake being rough or active or loud. or simply different. this i really miss. 

four - the flight didn't kill us. compared to the 23 hours it took for us to set foot in america, an 8 hour flight was no drama. and if we're talking about perth, even shorter!! the shorter (and easier) the flight, the longer the vacation!

five - family. this one is probably why we would always have to head back to aussieland. in our recent trips, we felt like we hardly had to worry about blake. he always had someone happy to watch him or hold him (when he was younger) and was mr popularity! :) he really lapped up the attention, we got a lot of time to do our own thing.. complete win-win situation!!

six - australia will always be home. to daniel and to blake.. so indirectly, me too. we discussed about how to introduce blake to australia fairly so he feels as much an australian as he is a singaporean. we don't have all the answers but we know we need to make more effort than just an occasional christmas here and there. when he's older, we'll look at sending him back to spend longer summer/winter breaks with grandma and grandpa solo. but till he's ready, we'd have to tag along.

p.s. the shopping wasn't that bad too! i really enjoyed some new designers that i've never spotted before! :) super cute stuff and at really good price point!



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