Monday, January 27, 2014

new year celebrations :: casa tartufo

we are so behind with our holiday posts that i guess it doesn't matter if its a little jumbled up! my chief photographer and editor (handyman, bathtime expert, chef, IT help-desk all rolled into one) has been busy with his day job!! 

so unreasonable.... because its plain selfish to hide a picture like this!!

did someone say truffles? 

when we saw the casa tartufo new year menu, we already knew where we wanted to be!! 
the food is always impeccable, its really nice and fancy without being stuffy...

and this. 

need i say more? if this is not the sweetest thing ever!!

we even forced them to take an awkward picture in front of the christmas tree!!!
gahhhh! hopefully we'll get one of them each year until they cringe and tell us that we're embarrassing them! :) 

the absolute best way to ring in the new year!! 
we had a lovely time, guys! love y'all lots!! 



  1. How spiffy does B look in his shirt and tie! =)) These two are going to be breaking hearts soonish! xx

  2. how do i LOVE this post???? And throw in big hugs and slobbery kisses from us???

  3. please lets make them pose in front of christmas tree EVERY YEAR! till they turn 18!! lol! Should have made Matteo button up his shirt like B--he looks so ah-beng italian style!


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