Friday, January 10, 2014

melbourne :: workshop specialty coffee

one of the things daniel complained about a lot when he moved to singapore was the exorbitant prices (and shocking quality) of coffee. of course, i'd just come back from the states back then. so i was all? what's the problem, buddy? there is always starbucks! throw a bit of caramel in and it'll solve any lingering taste of bad coffee! check out my non-slip jumbo size sippy cup!! lol

as you can see it took us a while to get in sync at the start! 

but im officially in love with melbourne cafes. 

as much as i love a good brunch in singapore, i really dislike waking up to a crowd on weekends. and coffee is one of those things that shouldn't be fussed over, y'know?

and this place has coffee and brunch down pat.

we were there on christmas eve and no lines!! snuck ourselves a cosy little corner and the staff came promptly with a babyseat for blake!!

the coffee and food really hit the spot and blake just about finished half of my avocado & scrambled egg combo!! 

while we were on vacation, he started noticing our coffees. he got really curious and would always have a go at it. so we got him his very own babycinno...

"say what? all mine?"

big mistake.. he LOVED it. 

see that little cute cup it was served it? it's thick and silicon! i guess it's great insulation for a shot of coffee but the silicon makes it perfect for little hands learning how to drink. so i marched up to the counter and asked where i could purchase these cups. and they usually have sets of 4 for sale in the cafe but they were out cos of christmas.. but gave blake his very own babycinno cup wrapped in tissue just because!! aren't they lovely people? 

so now, he can be a grown up and sip fresh milk while we drink out coffees at home!! 

and now we have a regular coffee joint we'd have to revisit each time we come home! :) 
thanks for having us, guys!



  1. Love the babycino pic. yes Melbourne has a great food and drink culture, but I still love the food courts and hawker centers in Singapore! (I was born in Melbourne)

    1. best of both food worlds!! food from singapore and coffees from melbourne... :)

  2. I thought I was hearing things when Alton's nephew asked for a babycino! Turns out he has them all the time in Sydney! How posh! :P By the way, when they were in Perth, we ordered a babycino for Ethan and instead of giving him frothed milk, they gave him a MINI cappucino. OMG. I was so mad they gave him coffee! Luckily he had the good sense not to drink it since it tasted so strange to him hahahaha

    1. gahhhhh!!!! thats such a nono!!!! but good on him to not slurp it all up?!


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