Thursday, January 30, 2014

melbourne :: the dining haul

you know how you go somewhere and have this fixated idea of how its meant to be? like eating dirty water dogs in new york? like sipping coffee wearing a beret in paris (even though... this) and eating streetside pho in vietnam? 

in melbourne... i wanted to eat fish and chips by the beach. 
im not sure what i was inspired by but i told daniel that and he was all "can't we just go eat fish and chips?" gahh... men! 

but then.. one evening, he announced that we were going to the dining haul

we rocked up super early (as instructed by daniel) and even then, the place had a steady stream of people coming in for cocktails, oyster shots and early-ish bite to eat!

AND I GOT MY FISH AND CHIPS!!! :) it was really yummy too!

blake got his first (grilled) fish and chip and he wiped it clean!! 
this kid is hilarious!!

and the reason why we went early was because daniel (and his folks) planned a visit to the beach after! so in all, i got my fish and chip craving satiated and the beach.. it was a fabulous plan!! 

thanks honey! you're the BEST! :)



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