Tuesday, January 21, 2014

melbourne :: daniel's son


when we drove past this cafe - daniel son, we KNEW we had to go back. my brain functions in a really simple kind (and dumb) kind of way. if you have a cute window display, i'll walk in. if you have a a fabulous bunting i love, i will dine at your resto. if you have a name like "daniel son".. hell yeah! :) we'll rock up bright and early and be your hugest fan.

even before our food and coffee arrives...

waiting with bated breath and obnoxious jammies...

unlike many other brunch places in melbourne, it didn't try very hard to impress us!! no box of toys, no high chair, absolutely nothing baby friendly but we then realized that we don't need that much to make us happy. a simple breakfast done perfectly and a got cup of coffee goes a long way! the staff was lovely and patient with little inquisitive hands and blake was very excited about the toasty banana bread we got him!!

wanna know what we do when there's no babychairs? its a little weird but works for us! daniel wears a belt on most days, right? we help blake into a regular grown up chair (which makes him very very pleased) and we basically belt him to the chair. lol. works like a charm!! a few years ago, i hung out with a girlfriend who used her baby carrier as a seatbelt. thought it was brilliant (and more comfy!) but we can't figure it out. so belt it is! :)

we love the whole chilled out vibe of this cafe and everything was very reasonably priced! shame we didn't get to squeeze in another date there before we left!! 

a huge thumbs up from daniel and daniel's son! :) 

(sorry... i just HAD to!) 



  1. So sweet. My son's name is Daniel also!

    1. aww we need to get him to this cafe when he has a little kiddo of his own! :)

  2. You know. When I first saw the title, I thought you were gonna do a super gushy and mushy post about Daniel and Blake. Lol

  3. Hihi I carry a belt with me because the high chairs in Malaysia are always missing the safety belts n we stack chairs up n belt him up too because some high chairs are too dirty. It is good accessory!

    1. hahahhaha!! :) i guess we're not the only one then!! isn't it such a weird thing to pull out in the middle of dinner though! :)


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