Friday, January 24, 2014

melbourne :: chin chin

i don't know what's up with us, but we seem to always find ourselves in a "chin chin" kinda situation!  first in japan, then singapore and now melbourne... :) but always in a good way!! 

so cheeky!

we were warned of the massive lines at dinner time so we snuck away for an early dinner date without bubs and was very thankful he was not there! even at five pm, we were squished in a cosy corner, inches away from the table next to us! and i reckon if we tried to ask for less spice, less salt and a sippy cup with water, they might stare us down!

that said, service was prompt and good. just busy. 

{kingfish sashimi & beer}

they had a very reasonable "feed me" tasting menu but we knew we had some favorites on the list that were "must-haves" so we went with our (greedy) gut instead!! the portions were decent, not exorbitantly priced and tasted great. to be fair, we live in asia and have had better sashimi and cheaper asian food but considering where we were... it was spectacular!!

this pad thai was worth everything!! 

our lovely server pre-warned us that some of the dishes we picked were spicy. but we somewhat ambitious thought "pfft! spicy by YOUR standards.." so we went all out. teehee! that sure taught us a lesson! it was SPIIICCCYYYY!!! so if they say its spicy, it's spicy. you've been warned. 

this very seasoned asian foodie also pointed out that even though it's meant to be "asian fusion" the menu was largely thai inspired!! fair call, honey! 

i love this picture!! he looks very smug with his chopstick skills... but have i told you? he gets indignant when offered a fork in place of chopsticks? in the same way i get all huffypuffy when someone is shocked that i can speak mandarin!! 

it's in our blood, yo! :) 
have a lovely weekend!!



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