Friday, January 17, 2014

made in japan theme party...

i've been going to my picture archives and found these happy pictures that i don't think i've shared!!! so it definitely falls into "an oldie but definitely a goodie" category!

i find parties a lot easier to plan when there's a theme!
not to go all crazy with the theme but it give you some guidelines to work with..

this party, we celebrated all things made in japan!

naturally in my heart, i thought of my two boys... muu and blake!
(sorry if its TMI but if you have known us for a bit, you'd have figured it out anyway...)

i spent no more than ten bucks on the decor and toyed around with a few origami ideas.
i also washi-ed some frames and quotes on the wall!!

this was my contribution to the table because we ate THE MOST krispy kreme while living in japan! and this was back when they just arrived on the sunny shores of singapore so there were MASSIVE lines!! to make it more japanese, we threw in some origami flowers!! lol

food was easy peasy since sushi tei, a local inexpensive sushi joint, delivers to the doorstep for orders more than two hundred dollars! which was amazing!! our pals also brought tonnes of japanese soda, beers and snacks to last the whole day (and enough to stock everyone's kitchen!!)

our giant tamago sushi is not that keen on crowds. 
so he chilled in the comforts of his own cushion.. and meanwhile, the other kiddo ripped through the house, pulling toys and things from everyone for a dramatic show and tell!!

any ideas who these characters are? too cute!!

we spent the rest of the afternoon swopping hats and being our silly selves!!

heh! such good fun!! 
it makes me grin just looking at these pictures!

p.s. i came as a washi tape dispenser!! bit of a last-minute costume idea...



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