Wednesday, December 25, 2013

merry christmas from down under....

isn't this the most fabulous morning of the year!? 

im so excited i can hardly sleep another wink! 

the house smells amazing, the tree's twinkling and we can't wait for munchkin to wake up (which never happens on a regular day! we're all "sleep in, kid! please!!") to show him what happens on christmas morning!! and see his silly grin when he tears open his pressies!! 
(and then spend the rest of the morning digging wrapping paper from his mouth!)

from our munchkins to yours... falalalalaLAH!!!! 

hope you're having the happiest of all days!



  1. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas, May all your dreams comes true! Wishing you a bounty of Blessings ! Merry Kissmas to you Blake!


  2. thank you very much diane! :) same to you! big hugs from us!!


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