Friday, December 27, 2013

hello a little...

merry christmas! how has your holiday been? 

we've been spoilt silly by everyone!! already being with the family is such a treat, we get fed from the moment we wake up until bedtime!! my parents-in-law love having blake around while we run around meeting up with our friends! (and shopping and dining! lol)

and more importantly... australia is fabulous for children. 

the parks are unrivalled. we've not wandered more than 5min away from home and the local parks are amazing!! and the sheer amount of space for him to run around!! someone once told me that kids cant bounce off the walls if there are no walls. so true!

this set of pictures were taken by daniel one morning when i was sleeping in (bliss!) and it shows this little guy's personality!


he got this kind gentleman to show him how to use the pull-up bars!! 
what a funny little guy!

i reckon blake would grow up such a different kid if we were in australia! and we've spent a lot of time discussing how we plan to "bring australia" to our family! we'll test our plan out in the next few years and hopefully be able to inject a bit of melbourne into his life!! 

we're taking down the christmas tree tomorrow (already!!) and im feeling a bit sad that two weeks has flown by just like that! we're going to make a pot of tea and hang out under the twinkle of our tree a wee bit longer before 2014 comes rushing by! 



  1. Somehow he kinda looks like his grandma in these series of pics!

    glad you guys are having fun, don't come back to sg so soon! ((:


    1. hahah unfortunately... we are home!! :) and planning our next trip back! Lol


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