Monday, December 30, 2013

cubbyhouse canteen, melbourne

we lined up some playdates for little blake to meet his new pals in melbourne! 

while coordinating with our friends, the first question was "what time is naptime!?" lol how times have changed!! we laugh about how that would have never been a consideration in our lives. pre-baby, we'd roll out of bed at near to noon and coordinate something on the fly, hang till late and all that kind of freedom/irresponsibility! 

but now.. naptime is GOLD! :) 

our girlfriend suggested somewhere casual near home! look at this cute little cafe set in the middle of the park!! it was a winner from the start!

first thing we spotted, tennis courts! blake's newest obsession is "BALLS!" he stood there yelling "BALL!!" completely fascinated by the little tennis players and their coaches! so cute!

then, it just got better...

they were just done with a doggie playdate (so cute!!) so blake went running around saying hey to fabulous cute dogs! he was in love with this HUGE dog (not in picture). he was a complete bear!! and was so freaked out by blake.. quite a funny sight! 

then we caught sight of our pals and ordered some yummy breakfast for all. and ate while standing around watching them little people run around!! blake pretty much finished my entire banana walnut bread, toasty and buttered with honey!! sooo simple yet yummy!

the mini- playground was attached to cubbyhouse canteen and cordoned off from the roads so littler kids can have a run around! there are even low picnic tables for them to sit down and have a little snack! rather cute and cosy set up! of course, if you have a bigger kid or dog, there is a massive park and playground just outside of the cafe! 

we played until the kiddos got pooped! hovering dangerously close to naptime... 

yayy for easy peasy playdates! :) 



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