Wednesday, November 20, 2013

what do you think about rompers?

im a little on the fence about this one...

i've only started wearing them after i became a mom. im not sure if its because i got tired of pulling up my shorts each time i bent over or because its a sure/lazy way to match my outfit... or is it an 'inspired by baby" kinda fashion trend (cos they're always in onesies when they're babies, right?) 

but i've noticed an explosion of rompers in my wardrobe.

on the downside, they're a downright pain to use the bathroom in, they usually come in funner/kiddy prints (less chic!) and my husband is not a huge fan. he calls its a "romper stomper".. which in itself sounds silly!

wadaya think? 
should grown up women be wearing rompers? 

p.s. i certainly wont be wearing this lacy one out but isn't its sooo pretty!? by the talented myra callan behind the whimsical romantic hairpieces from twig & honey! yeah... i really went through a bridal hair fascinator phase and have one too many lying at home...



  1. You wear whatever you're comfortable in. Age should not be a determining factor since rompers are still tasteful apparel.
    - Salz

    1. lol! i wore the rompiest of all rompers when catching up with you!! :) *beeeg hugs*


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