Tuesday, November 19, 2013

this cheeky man...

if i got a dollar for every goofy story i remember about this guy, 
i won't have to work a day in my life.

i do resent the fact that i don't remember what he says. sometimes i write it down in my phone so i can giggle to myself later. in fact i have a page of notable quotes... half of them dirty, some too personal, some i can't retell the story to explain how funny it was...

we've been together for long enough that if he sees me taking random pictures, he knows they're for the blog. and dutifully edits them in a timely fashion. and then proof-reads it when he's back from work (after i post it..) but that's love, yo! 

so one evening, i was leaving for a girls' night out wearing my new shoes (from this post). he was shooing me out of the house because i was mighty late but instead of the usual "i love you"s and hugs, he trailed me with ... "interesting block heel...... such a neutral shade... summer all year round.. incredibly comfy..." SO IRRITATING!!! but it completely cracked me up! :) 

so hard to not love this silly face!! 
thanks for being THE BEST thing in my life, hon! 

p.s. still puts a smile on my face typing it out. but its not as funny, huh?



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