Thursday, November 21, 2013

swim squad :: blake's progress

wow. i can't get over it. now this blog is more like blake's blog! how boring!! but i figured that a blog is a reflection of our lives and seriously, this little guy takes up most of my day. c'est la vie!

anyway, one of the things we look forward to the most each week is swim squad!! we rock up bright and early every tuesday and have a splash around with our little friends, sing a few songs and at the end of the morning, we're so tired and hungry the rest of the day zooms by like a breeze!! 

on most days, im blake's swim buddy! but this week, his daddy took over, leaving me a good half hour to kick off my shoes and sit by the pool... and take a bazillion pictures of them! lol

"urm mum? are you sure about this?"

fortunately, a fellow mama also had her husband stand in so we could sit and chat!! but according to the swim coach, its different when daddies take over. they are more adventurous and have a more relaxed style about them so the kiddos respond very differently!! *pfft*

booboo LOVED having daddy with him! during this class, he did one of his longest underwater swims and was all proud of himself!

but his swim coach thinks that blakie is progressing well. he reckons blake will grow up to enjoy water sports a lot (which made my father in law soooo happy). he's able to swim to the steps and climb up quite steadily. but while babyboy is gaining water confidence, he's also starting to get lazy with the kick-kick-kicks!! he just chills and flips around and isn't in a hurry to surface. oh well, i guess as long as he's having fun!

all snuggley with daddy after!

im thinking maybe daddy should take over swim classes from now on so i can kick back and read a magazine and get a bit of a shut eye! wouldn't that be lovely? 



  1. How do you do the underwater swim? Just throw them in?! Ryan just learned how to doggy paddle on his own in the pool recently and it's the cutest thing! But I am usually the one in the pool with him so I can't take any pics/video!

  2. we say "blake, ready... go!!", dunk him under and he swims towards the teacher or the steps or the wall! :)

    my brother has a little video that mounts on his chest/head. it takes the cutest underwater videos!


  3. Blake looks like he is having fun! :)
    Am actually shopping around for swim schools - can you share details for yours?

    Thanks! :)


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