Friday, November 15, 2013

our littlest :: twelve months

i've always dreamed of writing this post... the month he changes from a baby to a fully grown up kiddo that uses his Ps and Qs....

but no.

but i had such high expectations i got upset while we were on vacay. he'd just turned one. behaved beautifully on his birthday and then the very next day, he was having a whinge-y tanty. i was so disappointed i texted to my girlfriends. truly downtrodden.
"when will they stop behaving like a baby?" 

lol. turns out.. i had to wait for a few more years!! 
disappointment aside, here's how our big boy went this month....

one - we have a toddler. he's still at that funny stage where he wobbles and lunges forward like a drunk sailor. we were watching him one day, being really quiet so he won't notice us... when daniel said "he's really like the zombies from walking dead, huh?" we need to get a video of that soon!

two - he's a little chatterbunny! he is blabbering all the time. even when he is the only person in the room... he now says "OH-uh!", "amaaa" (to mean his grandma), "down" (when in the lift, regardless of whichever direction we're going..) "muaaah" (kisses) and "bubba!!!" (bubbles). favorite word of this month is "mum-mum" (food!) this dude is always ready for a snack! he's eating a hole in our pockets!

three - we've transitioned him fully to adult food. no clue how he gnaws through it but he rips through it as fast as we do! he still loves his noodles, his soupy rice, cereals, fruit and (thankfully) veggies! we think he doesn't like porky flavors which is hilarious because i don't too!! he has great appreciation for good food! when he's enjoying his food, he will mutter "mummumMUM!" in between bites. when its freakin' amazing food... he breaks into little squeals (see point six.)

{definitely a dog lover}

four - six little teeth. his last two popped out out of the blue. we had no clue it was coming which kinda explains the rude night wakenings! that aside, sleep's still solid. (thank you god!)

five - he's got a full on crush on his PD. its funny because he sits on her lap and lovingly touches her hair. he giggles when she uses the stethoscope on him and when she checks down THERE... he tries to nuzzle her. AWKWARD!!!

six - that little squeal. neither little nor an actual squeal. more like a loud scream! and i mean shrill fan-girl squealy loud!! its kinda cute when he's squealing about you because it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside but when he is screaming randomly at cars, every dog we pass, dirty trucks parked by the roadside, it can get really embarrassing. imagine me in an awkward grimace "oh! its the dog he loves." and two seconds later.. "yeah.. he's really into trucks." please let this screaming thing pass soon!

{blake with strategically placed kiwi seeds to mirror his papa's moles! LOL}

seven - drama is his middle name. just the other day, i was giving him a fierce but silent finger-point complete with the asian death stare. he lowered his head and equally silently, huge tears dripped on his lap. i felt like the WORST mom ever and ended up having to comfort him.

eight - he understands! he knows he's meant to lie down and shut his eyes when its naptime (can't help cheekily peeking to see if im checking on him!). when we come home, he'll run to let muu out of his pen. he also gets it when his grandparents tells him to get dressed because he's going for a car ride / to "drive" their car / watch a truck parade in mandarin.

nine - he recognizes his little friends! its the cutest to see his face when he spots his mates and flail his arms with such joy. dude will one day learn that its uncool to look so excited!

ten - has a weird sense of humor... very much like a minion. he makes farty sounds with his mouth, and giggles to himself. he gives us sneaky tickles and giggles to himself. sometimes he throws his head back dramatically when everyone else is laughing so he doesn't miss out on a good laugh!

eleven - when he hears a tune he likes, he bobs to the music. he was really bobbing to justin bieber at the last playdate. i worry for his musicality and his bad taste in music but my folks told me to take the chill pill..

twelve - still the pride and joy of our lives... we still get all goo-goo-gaga when he does something cute. and forgives him for his drama at the drop of the hat. im thinking... just maybe.. that's not going to change ever!!!
love you lots, our little one. 



  1. ermahgerrrd!!! so handsome!!!! if Aunty Trina ever has a daughter, can I ask for her to be betrothed to you??? :D

  2. Haha, I'm still waiting for my kids to stop acting like babies in some ways! But the coming year will be more fun :) Blake is sooo cute! Love that pic of him with his mouth wide open!

    1. oooo hope its not a "more fun" kinda warning! :) i guess i'll just have to be a tad bit more patient and realistic with my expectations!! he's still a baby afterall! :)

  3. So cute - a real little boy now.


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