Friday, November 1, 2013

old habits die hard...

you know how i do a HUGE shoe haul each time we travel to the states? the first time we traveled to nyc, i was trying to hide my nine pairs of ridiculously high stilettos from daniel. it was hard work and i failed miserably!!! but i told myself that had to stop because i hardly wear my nice shoes these days..

so its hard to justify buying them... right?

but i couldn't resist these sandals! 

they're incredibly comfy, has an interesting block heel (the block part is extremely important these days..) and is neutral so it goes with everything! its perfect for our all year round summer weather and the best part is... they were on like major (70%!!!) discount!! 




  1. oh i love those!!!!!!! the block heel is making a come back! i remember i donated a bunch of them years ago when they seemed outdated. ahhh if we just had infinitely huge closets so we can keep everything!

    1. oh man!!! sucks when that happens!! :) i gave away my fringed shorts when we moved to japan cos they were so short and seemed passe. but then everyone started wearing them! farmer-chic! ;)


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