Friday, November 8, 2013

happy birthday to daniel !!

 its my love's birthday this weekend! 

and we have his own papa in town celebrating with us! we've organized some fun that daniel will enjoy but he's really such a simple guy.. he'd be happy even if we went to macdonald's! i was looking through the pictures and realize how little pictures we have of him! he is always behind the camera conjuring fabulous images of us that we have sadly forgotten about him! 

you know how they say that you should marry someone you want your kids to grow up to be? if blakie ends up anything like his papa, we've done good !! here are a few things that's really special about daniel...

one - he's a complete SNAG. contrary to common beliefs, i think a true man is comfortable showing his emotions and love. there is not a day that goes by without him telling us how much he loves us, spoil us crazy or share a pack of tissue at the movies...
(tho he hates my guts when i trick him into a sobby emo movie..)

two - he is ALL for cuddles. my mum in law is always showering him (and us) with kisses and hugs and that's what's different about d. he will spontaneously put down shopping to kiss me. or to gather the troops for a group hug. PDA for the win!! 

three - he has a good head on his shoulders. he's not opinionated about most small things. but there are certain things in life, he would never budge. like how sport should be a big part in b's life. like how he refuses to let baby craziness take over our lives and he constantly reminds and encourages us to pursue our dreams and passion while caring for a new little guy. and im proud to say, our living room still doesn't look like toy 'r' us vomited right over it! yuhhhhh! :) 

four - you protect what matters to you. on top of being super A-type with his physical belongings (the crazy neatest person i know!), he is fiercely loyal to our friends. even though he is shy as a bat, he makes special effort to remember small details, think of conversation topics, sit there mulling over legal contracts and really put himself out there for people that matter.

five - family is always first place. he believes and lives by this rule. its very clear to anyone in his life that we're priority. and i like that a lot.

oh happy birthday, honeybunchie!! we are so proud to be party of your "A" team and we're eternally grateful that you love us the way you do! hope this year is filled with record-breaking marathons, fabulous new tech-y toys, a un-naggy wifey and many more fabulous memories! 

muu, blake & me


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