Tuesday, November 26, 2013

grandpapa visits...

earlier last month, my father in law popped in town! its hard to live far away from family. my poor in-laws keep taking turns to come visit us even though they've been to singapore so many times!! i kinda feel bad cos all they wanna do when they fly in is to spend time with bubba at home!!

christmas came early, bubba!!

omg! handmade quilt from my grand-aunt.. LOVE IT! :)

we used dad as an excuse to run around town going to all our favorite places to eat! blake was absolutely basking in the attention and got along perfectly with his grandpa! he has this book of faces (i'll show you another day!) and now he can identify his grandpa and endearingly points to his face and goes "papa!papa!"

three generations of allenders! :) 



  1. i'm amazed at how the bond between grandparents and grandkids come so naturally!

    even i needed some time to feel the bond with my babies.

  2. the last pic made me smile :) get another shot next round with the lil one smiling (with tiny teeth showing) too!


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