Monday, November 4, 2013

chicago :: a city of long walks...

we loved that chicago was such a lovely city to take luxuriously long walks. set right next to lake michigan (which is MASSIVE!!), the water views surround us was such a treat! paired with the gorgeous fine weather (ranging between 18 - 24 celcius), it felt like we were frolicking in the aircon all day long. 

one of our random walks along the river...

sorry blake is looking more like a homeless chap here! but we were just popping out for a quick walk and obviously didn't style him for photo ops!! 

popping under one of their many bridges!! 

it was columbus weekend when we were visiting so tonnes of people were out and about on their boats and enjoying the great outdoors. we sat by the river for a bit for blake to wave at people and giggle at the boat horns. 

we love how many people actually lived right smack in a middle of the city. so its a nice mix of working professionals interspersed with everyday people walking their dogs and doing their thing. that kinda fits us to the tee! (and i kept giving daniel flirty eyes "baby.. wanna live in chicago??"

bubbaboo reflecting on life. 

in other rad news, this kid got us into the VIP dressing room in victoria's secret. it like a scene from my DREAMS!!! ....a mini playboy mansion with chaise lounge, furry boudoir, powder puff and private buzzer to set the sales ladies running around for us! it was soooooo cool! totally made my day!! ah the perks of being his mama!! :) 



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