Monday, November 11, 2013

blakie boo's first halloween party...

i am starting to wonder if in booboo's brain, life is one huge party! we're always rushing from brunch, to playdate, to more playdates, coffees and parties! and oh those themed parties are as fabulous as his little friends! the most elaborate cakes and set ups and always so thoughtfully planned!!

maybe its not a bad way to see life, huh?
one huge celebration!

anyway, today i wanted to share pictures of his first halloween party!
where he got all dressed up as a.... squawky little parrot!

we were invited by his little pals to a halloween get-together. actually, they organzie playdates every single thursday! but i've been a delinquent mom and haven't been keeping up with them.

it was such an easy way to catch up with everyone! and the kids LOVED it. the moms loved it... there were sweet treats and themed candy and decor throughout the function room (turned into massive playroom) and everyone brought toys! we did too but got too excited when we arrived that we didn't even bring ours out!

i was surprised when blake kept the headgear on for the whole party (and a good half hour after when we wandered to d's office to surprise him!) but it was fabulous to see all his other friends dressed up to the nines! and man! these parents went all out! i won't be sharing too many pictures of his friends because im not sure they'd appreciate that but we had little skeletons, tinkerbelles, gruffalo, japanese drummers... the full works! it made our vest and hat combo seem so easy peasy!!

what's nicer was seeing the kiddos play together. so cute to see them grow up from sleepy little infants (blake couldn't keep awake in music class for the longest time!!) to boisterous little kiddos running all over the place!! and now we're all chatting about schools and fun classes!! isn't that madness! they grow up way too fast!

see mister grumpalumps? 

i just took away a kitkat that he scavenge, sneakily bit right through the wrapper!! major mistake when he couldn't control his excitement and went "hmmmm mum mum MUM!!!" cos he was REALLY enjoying it.. *sigh*

happy halloween, kiddo! 
 hope you getta taste your first candy proper soon-ish!

p.s. check out his wrinkliness from last year's halloween dress-up!!



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