Friday, October 25, 2013

the journey...

you know how some people say its not the destination, its the journey that matters? i never got quite got it in the context of vacations. 

we immensely detest long haul flights. not a huge fan of airplane food, don't care for duty free shopping or any perks that come with the "getting there!". im all "GET ME THERE ALREADY!". i used to coax myself with magazines, a cocktail of sleepy pills, an ipad loaded with fun movies, a box of nice spa treats and masks to indulge in as my coping mechanism. but i knew i'd have none of that when traveling with the kiddo.

so the journey kinda killed the joy of vacation. i was worried about it for days prior to the trip. and i had no idea where we'd go, what we'd do when we got there. all of that didn't matter to me. to make things worse, i heard horror stories of kids running down the aisle screaming, climbing over passengers, wailing cos they can't settle down and all these are well-behaved delightful kids that are way more well behaved than squirmy blake at the dining table!! *panic* i was in survival mode and told myself if i had to, i would hold blake the entire 22 hour journey till we got there. 

but obviously, this big-headed munchkin had other plans. 

he slept. he slept so well and so soundly he put us to shame. he slept each time we took off, and we're talking good solid 4-5 hour chunks. he polished his food, and nibbled of our airplane food, he crawled around at our feet pulling our magazines from the pockets and shoving them back in, mucking around with his toys, reading books... and he slept more.

when we touched down, we were so proud of him we kept giving him squishy kisses. and high fives (he's really into them recently!) and thanking our lucky stars. and thankfully, same boring story on our way home. no drama whatsoever. so, we officially have a good little traveller on our hands!! yayy yayyy yayyyyyy!! maybe we really should give this little guy more credit!! :)

and that, my dears, is how our journey matters more than the destination. 

(and blakie. you're a rockstar.)

have a lovely weekend, loves! 



  1. Blakie is such a good traveller!

    1. he is. but we're not taking chances in future. i think we're going to stick to shorter flights!! 22 hours was way too ambitious for us...

  2. He did not give you much headaches on the long flight. Good boy.

    1. such a good boy! we got really lucky though! he doesn't behave like this on a regular day!


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