Thursday, October 31, 2013

that damn jetlag...

let's take a break from all that happy, to talk about something less sexy.

because i ever so often get emails and (not so nice) comments reminding me that life sucks. seriously, right? who needs reminders like that!? *stares at my pile of unwashed dishes*. anyway, we're all human. blake included. so obviously there was some whinging, some drippy nose, some dramatic tantrums (mine. sorry daniel..) in our travels and in daily life. but don't really want to remember those bits, do we?!

but yes. jetlag.

we were told that it would be a pain to deal with. and will probably strike once we're back. so we were so unprepared when it hit us smack in the face while we were there! 

we loved the sleeping in. we were amused by the passing out in the middle of the day. and the luxuriously long naps were divine!! because it meant that we could shop/dine to our hearts content! but obviously, the more he snoozed in the day, the less he did at night. so we had some TERRIBLE night awakenings!! at the magic hour of 3am... bubba would wake up for his milk. which we're fine with. but after a bottle, he would be wide awake and ready to play!!

sheeze! that's not something we're used to! we have never, in his life, ever had to wake up for more than 15 mins. even as a new born or while sleep-training him, he goes back to sleep fairly quickly if the lights are out. so it was a big thing because we were all tired and wanted to be in tiptop condition for our exciting travel plans... 

but no sir. bubba was awake! and he made it known! he kept trying to reach onto our bed, peeking over the edge and making cute sounds. until we gave in. flipped on the lights and did what every good parent would do...

watch reality tv and drink chicken noodle soup on the couch!! 

we certainly didn't reward bad behavior by giving his toys but he played with empty shoe boxes, luggage bags and every so often, he'd come back to us for cuddles as if to say "sorry, folks.". we watched a few spectacular sunrises from our patio and actually is gorgeously serene to be able to spend the sleepy morning with the family that way...

and eventually, he would doze off in our arms for a nap while we grab breakfast and a much-needed coffee. so if you see my crazy eyebags..

you know where they came from!!



  1. Oh man, I feel you girl! 3 weeks ago, we went on a 2-week holiday to Vancouver and Seattle to chill with friends there. My 9 month old girl took 4 nights to get over the jetlag in Vancouver and upon returning home, she took a week to get over the jetlag...coupled with major teething pains and a fever. I can so identify with the bane of the eyebags...

    Buuttt, it is all over! Time to do the daily jiggles with her again :P

    I hope you guys have a fantastic time in Chicago :D

    1. gahhhhh!!! i feel you!!! we weren't sure if it was really jetlag, or teething or fever too! we had all of the above!

      thank god for concealer! and the daily jiggles that follows!!!



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