Tuesday, October 8, 2013

taking stock

{inspired by meet me at mike's}

making:: a race flag for daniel's upcoming race. creativity juice running low...
cooking:: my signature noodle for our instant noodle party..
drinking:: my mom's concoction of fresh smoothies. im not sure how i feel about it but everyone loves it and i don't want to feel left out (sorry mom!)
reading:: the "fifty shades of grey" trilogy. (meh.)
wanting:: a little yard for blake to play in.
looking:: for the perfect red bow to complete my snow white costume!
playing:: everyday. that's the most important part of my jobscope.
wasting:: time worrying about a messy house.
sewing:: a little mouse costume. (more like my mom's sewing.. im dictating.)
wishing:: an easy flight to chicago. more specifically, a sleeping child the entire way please.
enjoying:: the husband's sense of humor. glad i married that.
waiting:: for naptime to end so we can go play!
liking:: the way muu curls up next to me and lays a protective paw on me.
wondering:: if daniel will one day convince me to start running.
loving:: my life. every bit of it.
hoping:: the construction trucks outside my parents home are still there when we're back from vacay. it MAKES blake's day!
marveling:: at how much effort it takes to doll up.
needing:: an endless supply of mint and limes. the husband is making mojitos every night! yum!
smelling:: citronella and lavender. we burn that at home hoping to drive away the mozzies. and because its so beautiful smelling...
wearing:: my favorite slouchy tee. never will anyone see me in this in public.
following:: more fashion & diy instagram because my feed is all about babies these days!
noticing:: how quiet the house is without the furry and noisy kid (at sleepover at my parents')
knowing:: that the next time we're home, we will have a one-year-old!
thinking:: about what i've forgotten to pack in our bags
feeling:: like eating chicken wings for dinner. (random!)
bookmarking:: a persimmon bag im in love with. i think.
opening:: a late birthday gift. (and loving it!)
giggling:: the little one has a knack for making everyone giggle with him! 
feeling:: happy.



  1. are you going on your holiday alr? i JUST sent out your package! OOPS. sat on it for a while. anyhoo, you'll get it when you get it! :D and don't worry about forgetting anything - except if it's blake, duh :P unless you're going to a third world country, you'll be able to buy whatever you need to tide you over! xx

    1. heh! I'll keep a lookout for the postman! :)

      you were right about buying everything! :) we most certainly did.

  2. This is such a cool way of taking stock. :) I use a blend of citronella and lavender in my diffuser too!


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