Tuesday, October 15, 2013

our littlest :: eleven months

here's how our month with the not-so-wee little baby went!

one - he is one adrenalin junkie. he's all about diving from the couch, cartwheeling into ball pens, leaping off moving carousels and inversions.. keeps us on our toes!
two - absolutely loves swim squad and his coach. when coach is giving everyone instructions, bubba reaches over and lovingly gives him hugs. its one part cute and many parts embarrassing. but in his first progress report from swim squad :: blake is responding well to the submersions. he is not showing stress or ingesting water. 

three - his first proper words (other than mama & papa) are DOG!!! and 狗狗 (mandarin for dog.) we are very very proud. we think he says "truck" but he seems to call any moving vehicle a "truck" so no points for that... 

four - we had a bout of separation anxiety earlier in the month, nothing too major. but now he is back to leaping at strangers for cuddles and running off without turned back. oh well... 

five - sleep's been solid *yayy!*. and we've stopped logging his daily feeds and naps. he's pretty predictable in naps and his two 1.5-2 hour naps in the day has given me a much needed respite. but in between naps and bedtime, he is non-stop craziness!! 

six - blake doesn't own many toys. but he is never bored. he is very creative with what we have at home. he cruises around on a stool, stands by the window and watches cars while humming "hmmmmm" (like the engines!), weaves expertly through our clothes racks and gingerly explores textures in my craft cabinet. thank god he's slowly getting past that exploration through my mouth phase. it was awful!

seven - still crazy about his food. my baby brother, the uncle that he looks like, is the same with food. he's not fussy but eats with such joy that everyone enjoys dining with him. we hope he's inherited that trait and is nothing like his dad *cough*picky!!*cough. bubba loves french toast, anything with noodles, grapes, smoothies, bikkies and fries. we still try to control his salt and sugar intake. but can't wait till the clock strikes 12 (months) and we'd be GUILTFREE!!! hello ice cream, donuts and chips!!!

eight - he has a special bone in him. i KNOW deep down that he is not the most good-looking bub, nor smartest nor anything exceptional. but he has a way with people. earlier this month, i offered to take him to sunday school myself when my mum told me that's not an option because he has a fan club waiting on him at brunch so she needs to take him there earlier. *lol* 

{raiding my craft cabinet}

nine - one day, the whole family was chilling in the bedroom when we lost him. and had a huge panic! only to find that he'd climbed onto the couch, curled up with his favorite book of the moment, reading to himself.. it was super cute! 

ten - he is getting more cuddley! we get occasional hugs, slobbery kisses and snuggles. muu, somewhat unappreciatively, gets a whole lot more love. 

eleven - first steps. but we're in denial. :)

oh bubba! we're so incredibly proud of you. even though, we always dramatically coin you our naughty kid, inside we know that you're as easy as it gets! and yayyy we made it to one and we're all still alive!! 

whoop whooop! 



  1. I don't know what you're talking about, but Blake is definitely one of the good looking babies around! :) but more importantly, he sleeps for 2 LOTS of two hours a day? that's FOUR hours of sleep a day? you're so lucky! >_<

    1. awww thanks hon! that the best 4 hours of our day! he wakes up refreshed and i get a good chunk of time for myself!! :)

  2. erm, which child's photos have you been looking at, might i ask?? not good-looking??! OMG give him to me now! you'd be my favourite at Kindy, Blake! don't let mummy tell you otherwise! :P

    1. awww you're too sweet!! but you know what i mean.. im not one of those delusional moms that think my kids THE BEST! SUCH A GENIUS! :)

  3. To point 8, I think I'm part of that fan club haha! Such a joy being able to meet Blake on Sunday mornings. My mom was kinda bummed last Sunday when I told her Blake is in the States, so we can't get to see him. Have fun and come back safely! x

    1. hahahahahaha! :) so sweeet la! :) we will be back in church this sunday! hope he channels his energy and PAY ATTENTION!! instead of squirming around in his chair!


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