Thursday, October 3, 2013

our fuzzywuzzy bear

every night after booboo goes to bed, its muumuu time!

 he snaps out of hibernation mode and prances around the house a bit more, begs for belly rubs and is excited whenever any of us want to cuddle him! we over compensate and give him extra hugs and extra attention. then satiated with our love, he crashes at our feet in contentment and snores. its really the cutest thing. and a little sad because he used to be our everything. from the moment we wake up, musashi used to be the center of attention but now he shares the spot with a very needy little brother.

sometimes we wonder if he really understands that blake is here to stay and if he's just waiting for this noisy little guy to pack up and go home and leave his parents alone. but we tell him everyday how much we appreciate and love him. and hope that he knows...

ahh my heart aches for this big little guy! 



  1. There's a protein brand here in Melbourne called Musahi, complete with faux asian lettering. It always reminds me of your little guy!

    1. hahahahaha!! :) i love the faux asian lettering part!! hahahahahahahaha.. im going to have to look for it over christmas! :)


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