Wednesday, October 23, 2013

my day with my 11 month old..

it has been 9 months since i've written one of these schedule posts! and it was fun reading back on how my day used to be.. and frankly, life's a lot easier now!

and the helpless little jaundiced baby turned into this cheeky guy! 
so much to be thankful for!!
(and also a reminder to self before i start pining for another baby!!life's good now. don't mess things up!) 


 0700 am :: muu and daniel wakes up. we have a trust system with muu now. his sleeping bag is unzipped but as far as i know, he usually comes out for cuddles right about this time. daniel gets ready for his day in the dark and tip toes around the room trying not to wake up. its very sweet...

0700 - 0730 am :: blake wakes up and blabbers away in his crib. we tie some toys to his crib and change things up occasionally so he wakes up to something new. the latest is a balloon so we can hear him kicking and playing with the balloon through the door! daniel will then scoop him out of bed and he'll come charging to my room to wake me up. 

0730 - 0830 am :: daniel makes his breakfast, we steam (frozen cubes of) blake's food or when we're lazy, he has toast and fruit like we do. blake scoots around the house and starts playing with his toys..

0830 - 0900 am :: if we're organized enough or if my mother in law is in town, we'll walk daniel to the station with blake strapped in a carrier. he'll spend some time chatting, pointing out trucks and more importantly, stopping to wave at his favorite cleaning truck uncle. we pick up coffee on our way home. 

0930 - 1030 am :: sometimes, we duck out to meet pals for brunch. if we're home, it's breakfast for blake and muu, some reading, more play-time while i scurry around doing the laundry and basic tidying. then we sing the clean up song and pretend to "clean up" together. it makes me feel better that he's "learning" to clean up. truth is. he gets excited and starts pulling more things out cos he knows what comes next...

1030 - 1230 pm :: bath and nap. muu will nap next to blake while i surf the internet and catch up on some reading.

"heh! im awake!"

1230 - 0200 pm :: lunch for blake. sometimes, we catch up with friends over a quick lunch or we go shopping in the mall together! something short and easy and near to home. 

0200 - 0400 pm :: nap time again. if we have a sitter, this is when i pamper myself with a manicure/massage or blow-dry.

0400 - 0600 pm :: blake wakes up famished and we have a snack of fresh fruit. then i'll take him out for some fun. this is my favorite time slot to arrange for playdates or a swimdate. with naps out of the way, there are less restrictions in time and distance. and the weather is slightly cooler.

0600 - 0700pm :: daniel is home! he'll either catch up with us if we're out or run home. then we'll head to our favorite playgym and catch up with blake's mate, matteo! a day feels incomplete if they don't get some playtime. 

0700 - 0730 pm :: daniel will prepare dinner if he feels in the mood. if not, we go out for dinner together before heading home.
0730 - 0800 pm :: we slow things down for blake once we get home. daniel will run a warm bath and we get through his bedtime routine like clockwork. we try to avoid it but some days, he's already so ready for bed he's all fussy and whinge-y. hate it when that happens... while im feeding blake, daniel will give muu his dinner and a little walk (which is now on hold cos poor muu has a bad bout of arthritis.) 

0800 - 1000 pm :: if my mother in law is in town, we head out for bubble tea or a walk! otherwise, we wind down and work on our random projects separately. muu curls up at our feet and drifts off. daniel has occasional conference calls till late at night. if he doesn't, we put on a bit of tv and call it a night!! 

and then 7 am comes and a new day begins! :) 


i've had friends tell me how wonderful life would be when he drops to one nap a day. i can't imagine replacing one block of nap for non stop action. sounds tiring! :) but im sure we'll sort it out when that happens.



  1. Blake will be off to kindergarten soon. Then you will have to have another baby!

    1. wahahahhahahahahh!! i choked on my toast when i read your comment! :) love the thought but i was thinking more "blake will be off to kindy soon. then you will have time for manicures and champagne in the morning! yayy!" hahahahaha


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