Monday, October 14, 2013

in singapore :: magpie

we were wandering around public garden at the night festival when i bumped into my girlfriend, belle, who was running a stall introducing her brand new business - magpie.

magpie is a singapore-based online retailer of magazines. their collection of magazines is amazing and well curated. browsing through their stall at public garden brought back the same excitement of chancing upon brand new cool magazines while traveling! and that selection was only a fraction of what they offer! you can see their full collection here

feeling rather adventurous, i told her to pick one for me and surprise me! 
and she chose simple things and packed it in a brown paperbag! 
how fun!

this magazine is about celebrating the things that matter most to us. and the september issue (this was back in late august) was all about reclaiming the weekend with inspirationg on food, interior, gardening and travel! it fits me to the T!

i especially loved the tips on how to how to decorate your nest by adding little touches inside and outside. but the miscellany section at the back was so fun! how i know how to save a hedgehog! how cutttteeee! :)

if you've a suggestion on what magazines they should bring in, or fancy a special treat at your doorstep, do shop online at!
and if you find a special little gem of a magazine, i expect you to tell me about it! :) 


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  1. I recently found out about Magpie and was going to blog about it!!

    Love the selection - just ordered The Gentlewoman last week :D


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