Thursday, October 17, 2013

hello tokyo!

one of the things we always say is... 
"i miss japan." 

all the time!!

i don't know what it was. because when i was living there, we could think of ten million reasons why we needed to leave. but now i can't remember any of them!!

it could be the amazing friends we had there, or our carefree lifestyle..

or the fabulous adventures we shared or the food. hmmmm the food was amaaaazing.

or how our world revolved around this fuzzy little pal. or our cute little apartment which we packed full of guests and joy.
or how we survived an earthquake (and many little ones to come). heh! this picture was taken during the evacuation on march 11. we brought our wine glasses out and were rushing to get back to our dessert and half eaten cheese. it was not a good day, but we made the best of it. 

we're headed back to tokyo for the first time with bubba. it feels like we're exploring a brand new place for the very first time. we have a list of kid-friendly cafes and playgyms in our to-do list but mostly, we wanted to revisit all our old haunts. when our friends asked if we wanted a midnight snack after we landed, we sheepishly declined because we have no idea how jetlagged bubs would be and to drag his screaming ass to a smokey izakaya so we can have a few sticks of yakitori would seem a little mean. but we still might do it! :) 

truth is, i am extremely emotional when we revisit somewhere i've lived. we're going to take blake to our street, and our park, and our regular dinner places, and ride a bike "home" like we used to every night after work.

its a little scary. like introducing a new boyfriend to your family. you really want them to fall hopelessly in love with each other. and want to see each other lots. but can totally see how it can be an absolute disaster.. (have i ever told you, i've NEVER heard a japanese kid whinge or wail? they're like the best behaved kids on earth! and well dressed!)

well, japan, meet blake. and blake.. meet japan!!
hope you both like each other.



  1. Aww I'm sure Blake will love you both sharing Tokyo with him! What fun memories too! When does the count down begin?? :)

    I know what you mean, K and I are always saying to each other how much we miss Toronto!!

  2. Glad you guys got in safe, was concerned about the Typhoon! Have fun! Hope you won't meet any mean old ladies. ;)
    You know, the weather has turned very cold since you guys left. Super windy and chilly! It's like you took away the sunshine....

  3. I am sure he will be! have a smashing good time (:


  4. Have a blast in tokyo, babes!

  5. Arh.. Tokyo will always hold a special place in our hearts as well and I think Blake will have a blast in Tokyo!! :) Have fun!!!

    1. thanks hon! he is madly in love with japan(nese food)!! so typical of him!

  6. Make sure you go to Kiddyland in Harajuku.


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