Monday, October 28, 2013

happy monday, guys!

we had the most epic weekend. the best kind that we don't have pictures to show.. i reckon that's a true judge of what a great time you've had, don't you think? anyway, we're a bit partied out and probably will spend the rest of the week in hibernation!! 

oh! in the midst of party and costume plans, i forgot to turn up for blake's one year vaccinations. the doctor's office called and we RAN over. fortunately we made it in time, less fortunately, we were both still in pajamas, zero make up!! heh! we sure have our priorities straight, huh? but booboo is healthy, has extra teeth and is one whole inch taller!! 

yayy! my parents kept me alive and healthy! 

im starting to go through our vacation pictures and having a think about how to archive our memories and travels. as much fun as we had, its by no means as epic as our travels used to be! we used to have back to back crazy plans, hop on bicycle, city-hop, shop like craaaazy, nice fancy photohsoots and the whole shebang... but this time, all we have is a tonne (and im talking about thousands!!) of pictures of blake's little booboo face. cheeky grins. naughty smiles. eating his first something or other. some of them we have absolutely no idea where we were... but it was a beautiful memory.

and i guess that's how life is like these days. we remember our days in the smallest moments. nothing worth shouting off the mountain top. nothing extravagant. just priceless little moments that keep us up at night going "do you remember his face when he first stepped on fall leaves?" and dissolve in hushed giggles. we're so deliriously in love with this little guy its embarrassing...

so count this as fair warning... we're going to hit you with a bazillion pictures of this ruddy face cheeky dude of ours! next time we go on vacation, we'll be sure to take a few pictures of the places we've been to so there is actually something to talk about! lol 

have a wonderful week ahead, everyone! :)



  1. that pic with four teeth is adorbs!!!!!
    and yay, you survived the first yr of parenting. -pat on the back-



    1. cheeky munchkin was about to do something naughty - tarzan across the living room hanging from the curtain rod *massive eye roll*

      thanks for the pat on the back!! just grateful he's alive! woohoo!!


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