Monday, October 7, 2013

diy :: rainbow photobooth

one of the things i diy-ed for the party was a rainbow photobooth! 

our home is has this minimalist-chic look going. that's what we like to think... but to most people, it looks dead pan boring and bare!! so i thought to jazz up the home a bit and do up a photo corner!
thing is, with blake around, i only have 2 hour blocks (naptime) to do something so i scoured the internet and found this zig zag accordian streamers decor from oh happy day!

 super easy to follow tutorial here!

when my girlfriend walked through the door, she said "wow! you must have a lot of time on your hands!" but no, mam, no!! when you find out how little time i spent, you'd be on your way to pick up some rainbow streamers for yourself! 

and best part is... eveything for less than $6!! 
i kid you not!

i bought the paper above from stationery store, a value pack of A3-sized assorted paper for $5.35. 
(i still have half the pack at home!!)

using the xacto knife (or scissors) cut strips 3-inches in width. 
the length doesn't matter at all because you can adjust it or extend it as you like later!
cut slits 1.5 inch apart but not all the way to the end, flip the paper over and do the same thing.

after the first few, i stop measuring and started snipping it in stacks. some were wonky but no one can tell after you pin it up! 

then i recruited someone trusty and tall and pin (ie. daniel) it to the desired corner of your room using blu-tack or uhu decorative strips, which im obsessed with these days! i used to use 3M adhesive for everything because they are easily removable, but these uhu strips are the bomb and so inexpensive!!

tip for tacking on the wall, we test a strip on the wall overnight before determining how much tape to use! you don't want the entire backdrop falling in the middle of the party! and we staggered the depth a little so it looks like a canopy and is a bit more 3D! :) 

also bought few clusters of rainbow balloons around the house! and attached them to our little people! which was the most hilarious thing! made a great picture! 
tadah! instant party fix!



  1. Very creative! Great idea to turn a boring corner into photo booth. :)

    Thanks for the idea sharing.

  2. That looks great. I love it. Oh! I will definitely going to give this project a try. It would surely a great to make photo shoot fun and exciting.


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