Wednesday, October 30, 2013

chicago :: marathon race expo

the very next morning, daniel wanted to run some race related errands! and since we didn't have many plans lay out (read :: because i was too busy worrying about the flight to do proper trip research...) we tagged along. it was quite a convenient excursion because the race organizers had organized a shuttle bus service from town to the expo. and that turned out to be the highlight of blake's day!

because we all rode in a huge yellow school bus!!

the minute it rolled up, blake started yelling and kicking his fat little legs! he kept pointing "truck! truck! TRUUUUCCCK!!" so excited! and then he got more excited when we got into the bus! he was babbling, pointing, touching everything... good thing the dude i sat next to also has a child around the same age!! it would have driven me bananas!! 

the nice thing was.. we were one of the first few people to check in at the race expo so all that space without the crowd. so we let blake crawl around a little which he LOVED. he's so easily amused, that kid!

there was a bit of shopping for everyone and daniel went craaaaazy! you see.. sporty shopping is like his disneyland! he had a list of things to buy and was "gogogo!" from the moment we arrived. 

bubba was fairly cooperative and pleased with the world... until the "TRUUUUCK!!!" yelling started again! no clue what he was talking about because we're indoors, right? then we saw it. a huge ass sparkley VW TRUCK parked in the middle of it all... it was brand new, swish and super impressive looking. babyboy spend most of the time touching it gingerly, checking out the mirrors, laughing at his own reflection and making little driving noises "hmmmmmm...MMMmmmmm" 

look at that joy on his face!

checking in at nike after papa got himself more shoes! 

there was some massive eye rolling because till then, i hadn't gone shopping and here he is outrageously filling our luggage bags with his stuff. *sigh* that said, it was one of the more impressive race expos. tonnes of people participating, family included. there were a bazillion little trinkets and clappers handed out to the supporters (while blake obviously loved!) and the whole place felt very alive! :)

by the time we got out of the race expo, half the day was gone and we filled our bellies with some chick-fil-a! (the absolute best fast food in town! love their chicken nugget thingmajigs!!) but they had these kiddy meals with grilled chicken strips, bit of fruit and a juicebox which blake absolutely loved. probably not our healthiest meal but... 

welcome to the wonderful world of fast food, darling!!!

p.s. can you believe it's the end of october?! seriously!?!? 
where did our year go??



  1. That was some mahooosive truck!! He looked please as punch!! xx

    1. heh!! isn't it great that it takes so little to make him happy!?! :)

  2. That is so cute. It's amazing to see the natural boy instinct emerging!

    1. yeah! completely without encouraging, he gravitates towards all those things!!


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