Wednesday, September 25, 2013

weddings :: june and jason

last weekend,my girlfriend got married to the man of her dreams... 

it has been such a long time since i attended any weddings and it was still so much fun! i left the husband to babysit bubba at home so i could properly catch up with my pals! and boy did we gossip through the night! i don't think we even acknowledged the other people at our table! we were yakking non stop till one am in the morning! 

heh! some things just don't change!
such a shame that the couple was so swamped with the festivities we didn't get to hang out with them! so we took a hasty shot "with them" in the photobooth!
 (talk about photobooth fun.. how cute is this one in slowmo??)

can't wait to hear about their romantic italian adventures when they return!
happy wedding, june da jie! 
love you lots!



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