Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ten things that makes my son happy..

have you seen this blog - reasons my son is crying? its hilarious but a little sad because it totally happens in real life!! 

well, we seem to be going through a clingy-whingey phase. no one really believes me because when he's with anyone else, he's is all charming and cuddley. and when we're out, delightful as a popsicle. 
but he really switches it on when it's just his ole mummy!

instead of flooding you with tonnes of whingey bums pictures, i thought to remind myself of the good and share with you ten reasons why my child laughs. 

one - watching cars go by in the window

two - food. all kinds. 

three - musashi. his favorite things in this world. perks him right up in the suckiest of all situations..
but he loves all dogs. when we go on walks... he doesn't let one pass him by without a squeal.

four - his gong-gong (my dad!). sorry grandmothers, fathers, uncles and everyone who loves him to bits. he saves his widest grins and snuggliest and loudest kisses for his grand-dad. we have no idea why because my dad is really not the most kid-friendly person. i secretly think its darling. 

five - water play areas, play gyms, coin-operated kids rides. squeals and yelps! 

six - farts and burps. such a boy's boy.

seven - that man that drives the street cleaner we meet every morning! 
he has the coolest job ever! 
(much cooler than his papa's!)

eight - ma boobs.

nine - pulling books off the bookshelf and then flipping through them endlessly.

ten - his dad's juggling.

oh little munchkin, as much as i want this phase to pass soon.. i know this is not forever. 
so im going to savor this moment.. when you still thank im the coolest. and you still want to cling onto my legs. cos i know one day, you're gonna wanna run far away and i'd be all broken-hearted! 


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  1. That last photo of you and Blake is daahhling - I hope you've got it enlarged and printed onto canvas! :D Kudos to the photographer too! :P


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