Monday, September 2, 2013

{out and about} singapore night festival...

it drives daniel nuts that im one of those people that absolutely NEED to be doing something all the time. so when i mentioned the night festival on our only night off, he was not excited. on top of the crowds, he was nursing a sore neck and needed to rest up for a huge race. (excuses! excuses!) 

so i rounded my mummy tribe and decided to do dinner near the night festival, check out public garden (ie shop!!!) and walk around a bit!

and i wanted to pop in to see my pal hard at work at a live drawing thingmajig outside national museum!! so cool to see how the artists' head click! and i got to hang out with my girlfriend and gossip about music, installation art and glowy stiltwalkers..

i had such a great time catching up with friends and having a chilled-out meal and picking up some little cute bits and bobs from the flea. i rolled home at midnight all chatted out and grinning from ear to ear! even though i didn't get to check out all of the art around the area (it would have taken forever!!).. i thought it was a brilliant effort to make art more accessible to public and a lovely way to spend an evening!

(and that my dear daniel, is what you missed out while you were lounging in jammies at home! 
you bummerbums!!)



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