Wednesday, September 4, 2013

loves :: so you think you can dance...

we are completely obsessed with so you think you can dance! 

i've been watching it since their earlier seasons and am soooo pleased that i found a fan in daniel! we are so emotionally invested in this show we get mad when our favorites get voted off. i also love the intense gossiping and in-depth discussions we go through after each episode. 
and the all-important question...
"who would you vote for, daniel.. WHO!" :)

we're not huge fans of jenna but mark kanemura is so fine. (video here)

in case you think its all weird like that, there are pretty classic stuff happening like this and this...
do you watch "so you think you can dance" too?  
who's your favorite this season?



  1. i love love LOVE fikshun and amy. they both have the biggest personalities ever. but, I have to say that this year's top 4 are the best of the lot and any of them may win the title just yet. the competition is so tight this yr! (okay, maybe not as good as Joshua in season 4...the hubby loves him!).

  2. i love fikshun and amy too! but i was SO SURE that paul was going to win!!! *sigh*

    1. paul is very versatile and has a likeable sweet persona but I think he just didn't have as big a presence as the final 4.

      and can anyone tell me why the American public seemed to hate Mackenzie so much? she was stunningly GORGEOUS and really very versatile, so I cant understand why she was consistently in the bottom.

    2. i didn't like aaron and jasmine that much though! and thought the finale show was mehhhh!!

      makenzie would have done sooooo much better! i think everyone was jealous! so ridiculous! my husband died when they cut her!

  3. malece!! i LURVE malece!!

    to date, this - - is my favouritest piece :) hip hop in its truest form. graceful and with lots of swag :)

  4. hahahaa...what?! I loved the finale show! fikshun's solo was like how awesome. amy's jazz routine was outstanding as well...can totally understand why she was the one who got the most standing ovations from the judges. and jasmine's legs go on dreamy! but yes, aaron didn't quite shine last night as much as the other 3 did. think he peaked too early. apart from aaron, I cant tell who'd win SYTYCD s10, it's gotta be the closest fought finale ever!

    1. fikshun and amy were amaaazing! but not super excited about aaron and jasmine (even though i love how classy she carries herself...)! i keep thinking of makenzie and paul!!!



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