Monday, September 9, 2013

letters from doggie :: forty

hey hey hey!

i've not had much computer time in the past few months. mostly because my crazy nutcase of a brother is obsessed with the laptop so the minute any of us try to open the laptop, he zips over in two seconds and messes with our typing. 

speaking of that nutcase...
 this is what he does when mama says "naptime!".. he climbs into MY bed and tries to snuggle in with my toy. what a punkster!!

p.s. i secretly love him! :) 

p.p.s. maki, this is what you have in store for you in about a year!! be warned! 



  1. oh no who's maki?
    and muu's like "now where do i nap then?!"
    BTW, i think i saw your husband and your mom in law at far east plaza on Sunday. i hope it doesn't sound scary, considering the fact we don't even know each other in real life.
    but i was sad i didn't see you and blakie!


    1. see below for maki's mom! :) maki is the CUTEST little friend muu has!! cutest! :)

      yessss it has to be them! i was with blake jumping on someone's bed (odd!) and they were having a nice leisurely lunch!! :)


  2. Replies
    1. you're welcome! i'll fill you in on the big brother protocol when the bubba arrives!


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