Monday, September 16, 2013

le petit society giftbox review

when we found out that our friends were expecting twins we were VERY excited! *huge flying kicks and pompoms!* firstly, the world can never get enough of these cutie patooties (seriously, the cutest girl..)!! secondly, CHEEKS! and if anyone is more deserving of babies, it would be them!! i've never met more dedicated, sensible and sweet parents!

but came the problem!! what will we get them?!
because they have their older sister's hand me downs, they already have everything they could possibly imagine! and seeing as they're moving soon, it can't be anything too bulky!! 

le petit society offered to send us a pair of their gorgeous giftboxes (the third is for blake!) as welcome gifts for our new little friends!

if you know me in real life... i am absolutely hopeless in making decisions! so i enlisted the help of their lovely founder, robyn, to help me pick something suitable for them! she gave me a few matchy options (soooo cute!) that were thoughtful and very tasteful which made life so simple for me!!

they even printed a matching note from us in the box!! so convenient and easy! le petit society offers free shipping in asia so if you have pals you'd like to send some love to, you can do it without leaving your own home! which doesn't sound like a huge deal but when you have a little bundle of energy glued to your hip, a long line at the post office is really the LAST THING you wanna have to worry about!! 

(thank god for online shopping!!) 

here is the boy set they picked for us! such a cute print and the fabric is so soft!!
when blake was a little spudgey peanut, i used to dress him in kimono style clothes all the time! it was too hard to mess around with necklines and buttons. so, very well thought of features!

the girlie print (and matching layette 5-piece set) was equally cute and stylish!! i had a little moment when taking pictures of the contents of the box! i can't believe that squirmy blake (which is exploring my craft cabinet as we speak...) was once ittybitty like that! ahhh!! what i'd give to give baby blake a little squish without him trying to break free! 

initially when i picked the fabric, i thought it was a cute and vibrant print! that wasn't tooo cliche baby-like frilly and pastel! but only much later, i realized that it was their signature logo print, adapted from "xoxo" ! so it's like covering your bubba with little kisses.. such a cute touch!

i must admit that im very picky with gift packaging so i thought.... when i received it, i could repackage it, wrap it and put a signature "zhing" touch to it. but it was really chic and well themed! so i stuck it in a gift bag and off we went!
i can't wait to see my friends' reaction when i give it to them later! :) 

p.s. le petit society is running a promotion for our readers! we all enjoy 15 % off all non-sale items when you quote "LITTLEPROJECTS", valid till 31 october 2013. and on top of that, they are running an existing bonus gift wrapping until 18 september 2013. (only a few days more!)

im popping online to pick up a few pressies for blake's pals who are turning one!
hope you have a look around their website and find little cute gifts! 
happy shopping!!



  1. Omg... LOVE the print! and the packaging is so cute!

    1. you'll love it!! i can think of a certain somebody that will love a matching blue set! :)


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