Thursday, September 5, 2013

from our library :: lost and found

a few week ago, we were out on a date exploring tiong bahru area.. just doing our thang, chilling, mooning into each other's eyes over breakfast and checking out the "hip" scene in the hood. and then we walked into woods in the book and realized....

 DANG we miss our kid....
so we went through the whole bookstore and chose our favorite for him. and wrote a sappy love note on his bookplate...

this adorable board book is about a little boy and his newly-found penguin friend. its written in such a simple way with the cutest illustrations. it would be so cute to be able to frame these pictures on the wall!! and im going to make blake and muu costumes based on this book! im thinking muu can be the boy and blake the penguin! just to mix things up a little! lol...

it's such a sentimental story about the friendship between these two little pals. 
i got a little teary eyed reading it to blake.

so did he. 

actually, he got emotional because i finished reading the book (which he hates!!) and he wanted me to be read to again. but i wanted to take a picture. hence whingey waterworks!!

*roll eyes*

such a melodramatic baby! 



  1. I love it - looks so cute! There is a book coming out called "I see kitty" that I am going to pre-order for our little one since he will have his own kitty!

    1. awww that sounds cute! i wonder if our babies would turn out "dog/cat people" like we are!! is it nurture or nature?

    2. Good question... we hope to get a dog some day too, so hopefully he will love both!

    3. awwww that'll be so cute!! how will scotchie react though!!

    4. I'm sure he will still be king ;)

  2. Awww! When he is older, you can read him the kid's version of "How full is your bucket" which is a great book about kindness and teaches them to think about the feelings of others as well as their own! :) I love it.

    1. awww i just watch the youtube video on it! thats a great recommendation babe! :)


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