Thursday, August 22, 2013

our good kid ...

 when we're out with friends, we always jokingly call our musashi our good kid.. as compared to our other bad kid.. (you know who we're referring to, right? don't want to name names!)

here are six reasons why...

one - bedtime routine is one step. lifting the flap to his bed. "night-night, muu.." he walks in. and we zip him up till the very next morning. sometimes we don't even use words. 

two - mealtime is a breeze. always keen and never leaves a single drop. 

three - loves snuggles, weekend lie-ins and kisses.

four - is toilet trained and has the shortest walks ever. he goes to his pee-spot, does his thing and turns back to the house. 

five - naps any and everywhere...

six - no jealousy bone in this one. if we're giving him attention,and the other kid comes along, he scoots away and watches us (sadly) from afar. makes you really want to love him more! its reverse psychology but it works like a charm!!

bonus point - doesn't fuss when we're out! loves hiding in his carrier...

i can think of one really bad thing! if we had muu as our first human child, we might be awfully smug and want half a dozen more! :)

we love you lots, babycakes!!!



  1. awww muu sounds toooo lovable.
    you got lucky there, hehe!


    1. we really did! and thought child-rearing was gonna be a breeze like muu! man were we wrong!

  2. hahahaha I miss you, muu!! Even Mookie misses you :)

    1. aww we miss all of you tooooo much!! even you mookie! and your crazy antics!!!

  3. maaan... and i thought i'd never meet another crazy dog-mummy EVER, much less one who also compares her fur-baby to human ones.

    have I ever told you how I feel like I have to "censor" myself when I compare Pocket to my friends' human babies?

    sadness :P

    1. oh high five!! this is why we are friends!

      we compared blake with muu ALL the time. muu wins paws down!


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