Wednesday, August 21, 2013

never forget nature, child...

its easy, in this concrete jungle we live in... to forget to pop your head out for some fresh air. we used to tell our friends how in singapore you can get from home to the office, out for dinner and a date and be back without even needing to step out into the heat. such a bonus to not have to deal with the humidity (and the sweatiness!!) but sometimes it makes you forget the good stuff.

any given day, i'd prefer to spend time with blake in a mall or indoor gym or having lunch with our friends. but this little guy thrives on being outdoors. all he needs is a bike ride, or a crawl on the grass, a splash around the fountain or to dig his tooties in the sand to absolutely make his day.. 

when he's out, he doesn't need toys or us. he rolls around in the grass, gets warms and sweaty, picks at mud, giggle at the ants on his fingers, chews up a few leaves... and i sit there fighting the urge to chide him for being dirty. my mother in law reminds me ever so gently to let kids be kids...

so we try. we try to take him to the gardens a few times a week and throw on grubby clothes and deal with our own fussiness and let him explore the world, the way kids should. 

p.s. helps that after all his "wild" explorations, we chuck him into the bath and then he naps like a baby! yayy!



  1. Yay for little bits of nature in our concrete jungle! I love the Botanical gardens! You're so lucky to be a stone's throw away!

    1. we're so grateful! need to remember to go more often! :)

  2. the color green goes so well with him!
    now maybe i should head outdoors this weekend....


  3. Were they colour-coordinated on purpose? LOVE it!


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