Wednesday, August 28, 2013

moo vs muu

my girlfriend brought her adorable son over for a playdate once and brought all of us gifts! (dangit... are you meant it? i need to catch up on this playdate protocol!!) even dear musashi got a gift. and boy is he besotted with his new toy...

meet moomoo the cow...

and muumuu the jealous dog.
hahahahhaha... this was his face when we took moomoo away for a picture!!

the only bad thing about our uncreative naming is we find ourselves saying "can you bring moomoo to bed for muumuu?" or "muumuu, share moomoo with your didi.." a bit too often...
 messes with your brain, i tell ya! 

p.s. by the time you read this, moomoo has lost both his ears. 



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