Tuesday, August 27, 2013

knuckle rings - yayy or nay??

as im waiting on my order from catbird.. (super excited!!) i couldn't resist picking up a few fun finds from accessorize last week! 

teeny weeny rings!! 

the gold one has a mini stud on it and the silver one has two simple balls at the tip of the open ring...
they're meant to be knuckle rings (ie worn like i did on the middle finger) but i can fit them over my forefinger and ring finger on both hands.. so they're versatile and i can stack them with my other celebration rings...

p.s. im still unsure about knuckle rings.. am i a bit too old for trendy jewellery like that?



  1. you?! definitely not!

    just curious. how do knuckle rings stay at the knuckle? won't they move or drop when we bend our fingers?

    1. i worry about it more than regular rings because if it slips out, you lose it forever but i wore that to the park (and waterplay) with blake and survived!!


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