Tuesday, August 6, 2013

diy :: upcycled bag into superhero cape

what's that? TWO diys in a row?? 
can you tell that im all smug?

so after i finished blake's cape, i had the little cutie hanging from our wardrobe (the cape. not the child) and was pleased as a punch... until the husband said "so what are WE going to wear?" frankly, i didn't really think about it because firstly, its a kid party and logistically would be a nightmare to move squirmy blake, gifts, swimgear, stroller in superhero costumes ourselves.. mind you, we don't own a car so imagine us trying to hail a taxi or better still, ride to the party in our masks! lol 

but since he asked so nicely, we brainstormed and came up with something we could whisk up using things we already had in our home!

and if you know daniel in real life, he has a mind of his own. and he decided he wanted a batman cape so he could wear black. i tried selling the "superblake" family costume but failed.

so we pulled out a few essentials. a simple drawstring backpack, some felt, safety pins and lightweight black fabric. if you don't have this exact same backpack, you could use race packs that you get for free when you join sporting events! any ole bag would work actually!

cut our logo using felt. and not forgetting our all time favorite hot glue gun!

measure up the fabric using the backpack. cut the top to fit the opening of the bag (see where the scissors is pointing? that's the width) and the length to fall right at the bottom of the bag so you can't see the bag when you're wearing the cape. 

that's where i got REALLY LAZY. 

i told myself it was too much work to lug the sewing machine out to hem it. so i iron the hems and used a hot glue gun! worked great and if you don't have a hot glue gun, fusible iron on strips or double-sided tape would work fine... (disclaimer:: probably not for everyday use... if you're planning to wear the cape always, hem it properly!) 

i love hot glue guns!! 
and see how i made a little neat corner with it!! not too shabby!

and then the most "difficult" part, safety pin it to the inside surface of the bag. so when you're not using the cape, like when we're riding or in the cab, you can tuck your cape into the bag and be all discreet! bonus points - you can still use the bag to hold your belongings!!

there you have it! two superhero 'outfits' all done in two nap times! :) 

p.s. i wore a black dress and recycled blake's kittycat ears as cat woman!
even lazier than my boys! lol

p.p.s. daniel would like to add that this bag is AMAAAZING despite objections from his wife because its not the most stylish bag. but this purchase is well justified and is indeed a wise buy.



  1. They look really awesome! Well done, you clever little thing.

    1. heh! i still wished i could make tutu skirts and little sparkley girl things!! *sigh*

  2. He needs to wear that bag to the office and back. Now THAT would be awesome ;)

  3. That way, you'll always have it if you need it and you won't have to spend time tossing what you need into a bag and taking it with you to work. See also: forgetting makeup bag at work...thus causing more trouble for you the next morning when you remember and panic! Here's what's in mine! drawstring carrier bags


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