Monday, July 8, 2013

summer days...

daniel and i had a fabulous time with our best pals in langkawi a few weeks ago. one of the most fabulous things about living in singapore is the ability to hop onto a flight and rock up to a completely different country and environment in a matter of hours. there are tonnes of amazing destinations we can't wait to visit!! 

and given that the weather in singapore was crap back then (with hazardous haze levels), we felt like this vacation couldn't have been timed better. but the funniest thing is stepping off the air-plane, i was bracing myself with a glorious breath of fresh air... kinda like those laundry ads breeze in face "ahhhhh" moments? i got hit flat in the face by the heat and the all so familiar airplane smell...
reality check, honey! still in asia! :) 

but really grateful that we could bring the babies out! 
and get the squirms out of their pants!!

we also wanted to introduce our water babies to the beach!!

but they were NOT feeling it.. so we spent a lot time trying to coax this one to dip his toes in the sand... isn't it funny the things we do for these kids? and can you imagine if they weren't our first kid? would we have thrown them on the sand and let them figure it out?

his nibs decided it was ok to sit on my lap and watch the waves...

yayyyy success!!!

eventually we did make it into the water and bobbed them around! but all our plans to go snorkelling, banana-boatingand kayaking went out of the window!! 

oh well.. baby steps i guess!!



  1. Love the expression on Blake's face!

    1. he's a funny one huh? you can totally read him like an open book! :)

  2. Blakey is so cute when he looks grumpy! he's like "ok ma, my toes are in the sand, happy now? are you happy now?" so cute so cute so cute!!!!

    1. i know! its like he is doing it to make me happy! -_-


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