Tuesday, July 9, 2013

our littlest :: little pals

one of the nicest things is the gift of observing...

while we were on vacation, it was melt-your-heart-in-a-puddle cute to watch the two littles interact with each other.

as a single child, blake doesn't get to hang out with many other little friends. he is so intrigued by other kids... i've taken him to play dates and while other kids go bananas over the toys and new environment, i see him sitting there staring (creepily) at the other little people! 

from the very first day these two met, they have been the sweetest friends. they're so curious and touchy-feely! they'd hold hands, grab each other's arms and coo at each other in their own babbley baby talk whenever we sit them close together. and if either of them were fussy, a sure win way to calm him/her down was to plonk the other next to the fussball and all's good in the world.

there were "gah!" moments when they tried to crawl over each other or fight over the same chewtoy. and seeing alana eat would set blake off in tears (actually... seeing anyone eat triggers a major meltdown for him..) but for most times, they're the cutest friends!!

i hope they love each other as much as i love her mama! 



  1. oh so cute! i love when babies play!

    1. hurry hurry! join the gang! and our babies can play together...


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